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VLSI (Very Large-Scale Integration) Design - Industry Certification Course cum Internship by EnthuTech & PCI (Online)

Updated: Mar 13

Last date to Enroll: 17th March 2024 Registration Fee: INR 1200


Project Contest Innovations (PCI™) LLP., in association with various Industries across India has partnered to provide various trainings on the emerging areas to students, faculty, research scholars & start-ups for enhancing the skills that will be useful for Employability & Entrepreneurship. During the program Industry Experts who are working in the Live Projects will handle all the sessions. The program is designed as a task driven training to given the students an exposure as an internship, so far 5000+ students from 250+ institution got benefited through these kinds of programs from past 4 years. In this regard, now Project Contest Innovations LLP along with Enthu Technology Solution India Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu has planned to provide a 30 days Industry Certification cum Internship program.


This field of study focuses on the design and implementation of electronic systems with millions or billions of transistors on a single chip. The goal of the VLSI system design course is to equip participants with the necessary expertise to design and develop high-performance, low-power, and reliable electronic systems. The course covers a wide range of topics, including digital circuit design, semiconductor device physics, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) tools, logic synthesis, and physical design.

One of the primary aspects covered in VLSI system design is digital circuit design. Participants will learn about various logic gates, flip-flops, registers, counters, and other building blocks used in digital systems. They will study the principles of combinational and sequential circuit design and understand how to implement complex digital systems using hardware description languages like Verilog or VHDL. CAD tools play a significant role in VLSI system design.

Students will gain proficiency in using industry-standard software tools for designing, simulating, ensuring optimal performance and low power consumption and verifying integrated circuits. They will learn to perform logic synthesis, which involves transforming a high-level RTL (Register Transfer Level) description into a gate level representation. VLSI system design is a highly interdisciplinary field that requires a strong foundation in electrical engineering, computer architecture, and computer science. Professionals with expertise in this area are in great demand in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, digital design, telecommunications, and embedded systems

i) Learning Outcome: After the completion of the course, the students will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to design and develop cutting-edge electronic systems. They will be well-equipped to contribute to the innovations driving the advancement of technology in a wide range of industries, making a significant impact on the world around

ii) Pre-Requisite: Fundamentals of Electronics and Programming


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  • Internship Duration: 4 Weeks, 24 Live Hours

  • Live session: Mon, Thu, Fri & Sat (6pm to 7.30pm) – 6 hrs/week

  • Last Date to Enroll: 17 March 2024

  • Starting Date: 18 March 2024

  • Internship Mode: Online

  • Online Session via google meet

  • Recorded Videos will be provided for Limited time access

Learn from Quality Industry Experts - Hybrid Mode

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1.  Introduction to VLSI System Design

●     Overview of VLSI technology and its applications

●     Introduction to digital systems and their components

●     Basics of combinational logic circuits

●     Introduction to HDL (Hardware Description Language) for digital design


2.  Sequential Logic Design

●     Introduction to sequential logic circuits and flip-flops

●     Designing synchronous and asynchronous sequential circuits


3.  Logic Optimization Techniques

●     Minimization of Boolean expressions using Karnaugh maps

●     Introduction to logic synthesis algorithms

●     Optimization techniques like gate-level and RTL design optimizations


4.  VLSI Design Flow and Tools

●     Overview of the VLSI design flow from specification to fabrication

●     Introduction to industry-standard VLSI design tools

●     Understanding of different design entry methods (schematic, HDL)

●     Introduction to simulation and verification tools


5.  Circuit Timing and Power Analysis

●     Introduction to timing analysis and critical paths

●     Understanding propagation delay and setup/hold time requirements

●     Analysis of power consumption in digital circuits

●     Power optimization techniques (clock gating, Muxes, etc.)

6.   Design Project and Realization

●     Work on a small-scale VLSI system design project from concept to realization

●     Implement and test the design using the learned concepts and tools

●     Document the design process and present the final project

7. Project Demo

  • Distance Detection

  • Traffic Light Controller

  • Designing of Comparator

  • Designing of Shift Controller


  • Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Tools: EDA tools and Xilinx ISE.

  • HDL (Hardware Description Language) Tools: VHDL, Verilog


1. A desktop or laptop computer is required. Windows 7 is recommended.

2. Stable internet connection

3. A microphone is strongly recommended for trainer-student communication.


  1. Only limited registration is allowed based on first cum first confirmation process.

  2. Separate Internship Certificate and Course Completion Certificate will be jointly issued by Enthu Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd & Project Contest Innovations LLP

  3. Payment to be done in Project Contest Innovations LLP Account & screen shot to be uploaded in the registration link

Note: Recorded Video will be given for limited access time if Live Session is missed


1) Active students will be given Best Intern Award-Decided by the Industrial trainer

2) Internship Certificate (4 Weeks) and Course Completion Certificate (30 hrs) are issued as per the norms specified in AICTE Internship Policy, NAAC & NBA Accreditation process

Source Code for the Projects discussed will be shared


  • All the Students/Individuals who are interested in VLSI design can apply

Registration Link:


1. Real-Time Case Studies & Application Project.

2. Interact with Industry training expert and work on real-life challenges

3. Complete Plan of the Live sessions and Class Link will be shared to registered participants through Program WhatsApp Group

4. Assignments after each topic of the training will be provided to the students for practice

5. All training materials developed remain the intellectual property of the training Industry. it has to be used only under their approval and/or supervision.


Online Only:     

1) Individual Registration: 1,200 INR     

2) Four member Team: 4,000 INR

PAYMENT MODE: UPI ID: projectcontest@icici

GPAY: 9500293472


Account Name: Project Contest Innovations LLP

Acc no: 768705000092

IFSC: ICIC0007687

Bank: ICICI Bank

Type: Current


  • Confirmation Letter

  • Internship Certificate on Successful Completion

  • Course Certificate

  • Best Intern Award Certificate for TOP Performers

For Doubt call or WhatsApp: 8220345819, 9500293472, 9514411140


............Lets Learn Together............


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Disclaimer: The Internship/Training is organized through Industry Training Partnership(ITP) program of Project contest Innovations LLP with the partnered Industry, Inorder to share the knowledge of the resource person/Industry to the Innovators, Students and public. Certificates will be issued to the participants only based on satisfying all the required parameters given at the time of Program launch. PCI and the Industry Partner has all the rights to cancel the Internship due to unavoidable situation without prior information, if money is paid alternate days will be informed on such circumstances or the money will be returned back. Participants once registered is not allowed to Cancel or transfer the registration and money will not be reimbursed. Lets Learn Together!!!

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