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Foundations of Data Science - Employability Training cum Internship (Online)

Updated: Jan 19

Last date to Enroll: 15th Jan 2024 Registration Fee: INR 1000 (Individual)


  • Data science is like the wizardry of the digital age. It's all about extracting valuable insights from vast amounts of information.

  • Now, the training you're talking about is like Hogwarts for aspiring data wizards. It's where you learn the spells—coding languages, statistical models, and machine learning techniques.


  • The scope of data science is as vast as the data itself.

  • From finance to healthcare, entertainment to sports, businesses are hungry for data-driven decision-making.

  • Your training sets the stage for you to step into any industry and make sense of the data chaos.


  • High Demand: Companies are on a quest for skilled data scientists. Your expertise becomes the golden ticket to job opportunities.

  • Versatility: Data science isn't confined to one industry. You can dance with data in finance, healthcare, tech, and beyond. It's like having a backstage pass to various sectors.

  • Innovation: You become the architect of innovation. Your insights help businesses stay ahead of the curve, make informed decisions, and create groundbreaking solutions.

  • Problem-Solving: Data science is like solving puzzles. You'll develop a knack for cracking complex problems and turning raw data into actionable strategies.

  • Competitive Edge: In employability contests, having data science skills is like wielding a secret weapon. It gives you an edge that can set you apart from the competition.

Some of the niche (role-specific) career opportunities for Power BI are:

  • Data Scientist

  • Machine Learning Engineer

  • Data Analyst

  • Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Data Engineer


  • Live Training (Online)

  • 20 hrs - 2 hrs/day, 10 days

  • Time: 7.00pm to 9.00pm

  • Exclusive Assessments

  • Last Date to Enroll 24th Jan 2024

  • Classes start from Jan 4th Week

  • Session Recorded Video for Limited time access will be provided

Learn from Quality Industry Experts

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  • Numpy

  • Basics of numpy (creation of ndarray)

  • Asarray( ) , frombuffer( ) , fromiter( ) in numpy (arrays with existing data)

  • Arange( ), linspace( ), logspace( ) in numpy (arrays with numerical ranges)

  • Initializing arrays in numpy ( zeros( ) ,ones( ) ,full( ) ,eye( ) functions )

  • Accessing elements of ndarray in numpy

  • Slicing operation on ndarray in numpy

  • Understanding of axis attribute in numpy

  • Datatypes - copy( ) - view( ) in numpy

  • Joining arrays (concatenate( ),stack( ),vstack( ),hstack( ),dstack( )) in numpy

  • Splitting array (split( ),array_split( ),vsplit( ),hsplit( )) in numpy

  • Search in numpy (where( ) & searchsorted( ))

  • Sort( ) in numpy

  • Arithmetic operations on arrays in numpy

  • Statistical functions (mean,median,variance,standard deviation) in numpy


  • Introduction to pandas (series,dataframe,panel)

  • Different ways of creating series in pandas

  • Different ways of creating dataframe in pandas

  • Attributes of series in pandas

  • Mathematical functions on series in pandas

  • Indexing & slicing dataframes in pandas

  • Sorting dataframe (by column) in pandas

  • Manipulating dataframe in pandas (add column , drop column) -- dataframe manipulations

  • Export dataframe to excel, csv & text file in pandas -- save dataframe in pandas

  • Understanding loc[ ] & iloc[ ] in pandas

  • Handling missing data (dropna & fillna) in pandas

  • Remove duplicates from dataframe in pandas

  • Data filtering (using conditions) in pandas

  • Conditional changes in pandas


  • Introduction to matplotlib -- types of plots -- basic terminology of charts

  • Simple plot in matplotlib -- line plot in matplotlib

  • Markers (styles, size & color) in matplotlib

  • Lines(style,width,color) in matplotlib -- line properties in matplotlib

  • Font properties on title and labels in matplotlib

  • Grid function with line properties in matplotlib -- grid lines in matplotlib

  • Subplots in matplotlib -- subplot function

  • Legend function in matplotlib

  • Creating scatter plot in matplotlib

  • Cmap and colorbar (scatterplots) in matplotlib -- representation of each dot in scatter plot

  • Bar plot (horizontal & vertical) in matplotlib -- simple bar plot -- bar( ) & barh( ) functions

  • Stacked bar chart with example in matplotlib -- horizontal & vertical stacked bar char

  • Grouped bar chart -- multiple bar chart with example -- matplotlib library

  • Pie chart in matplotlib -- pie graph -- pie plot in matplotlib

  • Histogram chart in matplotlib -- histogram graph -- histogram plot in matplotlib

  • Scatter plot in matplotlib – matplotlib

  • Xticks( ) , yticks( ) , xlabel( ) , ylabel( ) , xlim( ) , ylim( ) in matplotlib

4. Projects (Prototype)

  • IPL Individual Player Performance Analysis

  • Academic Result analysis

Note: Recorded Video will be given for limited access time if Live Session is missed


  1. Only limited registration is allowed based on first cum first confirmation process. Registration is not transferable to any participant

  2. Payment to be done in PCI Account & screen shot to be uploaded in the registration link based on the category of the registration.


  1. Active students will be given Best Intern Award-Decided by the Industrial trainer

  2. Integrated Course & Internship Completion Certification (2 Weeks) are issued as per the norms specified in AICTE Internship Policy, NAAC & NBA Accreditation process

  3. Source Code for the Projects discussed will be shared


1. A desktop or laptop computer is required. Windows 7 is recommended.

2. Stable internet connection

3. A microphone is strongly recommended for trainer-student communication.


  • All the Students/Individuals who are interested to Learn Data Science can apply

Registration Link:


1. Real-Time Case Studies & Application Project.

2. Interact with Industry training expert and work on real-life challenges

3. Complete Plan of the Live sessions and Class Link will be shared to registered participants through Program WhatsApp Group

4. Assignments after each topic of the training will be provided to the students for practice

5. All training materials developed remain the intellectual property of the training Industry. it has to be used only under their approval and/or supervision.


1) Individual Registration: 1000 INR

2) Four member Team: 3000 INR

PAYMENT MODE: UPI ID: projectcontest@icici

GPAY: 9500293472


Account Name: Project Contest Innovations LLP

Acc no: 768705000092

IFSC: ICIC0007687

Bank: ICICI Bank

Type: Current


  • Integrated Course + Internship Certificate on Successful Completion

  • Best Intern Award Certificate for TOP Performers

For Doubt call or WhatsApp: 8220345819, 9500293472, 9514411140


............Lets Learn Together............


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Disclaimer: The Internship/Training is organized through Industry Training Partnership(ITP) program of Project contest Innovations LLP with the partnered Industry, Inorder to share the knowledge of the resource person/Industry to the Innovators, Students and public. Certificates will be issued to the participants only based on satisfying all the required parameters given at the time of Program launch. PCI and the Industry Partner has all the rights to cancel the Internship due to unavoidable situation without prior information, if money is paid alternate days will be informed on such circumstances or the money will be returned back. Lets Learn Together!!!

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