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TCS Codevita Season 11 I Online Coding Contest

losing Date: November 2023 (Refer Contest Link)
Reward: USD 20,000

About the Contest :

TCS Codevita is an Online Coding Contest organized to Promote Programming as a Sport. Now Codevita is in the season 11 which connects people of various origins and ethnicity, regardless of their physical and cultural boundaries. It's also a great way to compete across borders and have fun. At TCS, they continue to believe in this philosophy that programming can be both fun and challenging. Over the past nine seasons, TCS has had a great time promoting the culture of programming as a sport.

Category: Coding Contest

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Objective of the Contest:

The adoption rate of technology has a huge impact on people's lives. To be competitive and adapt to the constantly changing digital world, it is prudent to speak computer language. The language of computers is - Code. As with mathematics, coding should be a necessary skill in all disciplines. However, just like mathematics, it has the ability to induce fear in many people. TCS organizes CodeVita to overcome this fear and enjoy writing computer code. The main objective of the competition is to refine candidates' programming skills through real-world computing practices.

The contest will also

  • Help TCS spot bright students

  • Provide students an opportunity to showcase their programming talent and earn peer recognition.

  • Provide an opportunity to showcase offerings of TCS to the academic world

  • Provides a platform to students to practice and enhance their programming skills.

  • Provide exciting career opportunities for students in TCS

  • Global Ranking to Top Coders

  • A chance to explore exciting careers with one of the world's most powerful brand*

  • A chance to compete with some of The Best Coders in the World

  • A Platform to showcase your programming skills

  • Top 3 Coders to win total a prize money of USD 20,000/-

Accepted Programming Languages:

Students will have the option to choose from 8 different programming languages.

Language: Compiler/Interpreter Versions:

  • C: gcc 9.3.0

  • C++: g++ 9.3.0

  • C#: mono

  • Java: Open jdk 11.0.11

  • Perl: 5.30.0

  • PHP: 7.4.3

  • Python: Python 3.8.10

  • Ruby: 3.0.0

Contest Rounds:

1. Pre Qualifier Zonal Round: Online

2. Qualifier Round: Online

3. Grand Finale: Online/Offline-India

Who Can Apply:

  • With year of completion 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2027.

  • From institutes across the globe.

  • Pursuing undergraduate/diploma/postgraduate disciplines from engineering/science background with any specialization.

Step to Enroll:

  1. Visit the website On the page, you can find the “Register Now” button. Click on it to go to the registration page.

  2. You will get the option to create a new user profile by clicking on the “Register” button at the bottom of the page.

  3. Next, you will have to select the region from where you want to take the test.- India or Rest of the world

  4. After choosing, you will have to fill in the registration details and click on the Register button: An email will be sent on your official email id for email verification. Open your mailbox and open the link in the mail to verify the email address.

  5. Clicking on the link will show a success message. You can now log in to the website using your registered email id.

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Prize & Recognition:

  • Top 3 coders to win total prize money of USD 20,000/-

  • Chance to explore exciting careers with one of the world's most powerful brands

  • Chance to compete with some of the best coders in the world

  • Platform to showcase your programming skills

  • Finalists stand a chance to travel to India for the season 11 live grand finale experience.

.............INNOVATE TO WIN..............

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