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NIDHI4COVID2.0-Startup Contest

Closing Date: 31st May 2021 Reward: Startup Funds


NIDHI4COVID2.0 is an Initiative By National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) & Department of Science & Technology (DST) of Government of India. The NIDHI4COVID2.0 initiative was specifically designed as a rapid response to support startup-focused solutions, which would be helpful in tackling the current difficult second wave of Covid 2.0 in the country. The contest is planned to support indigenous solutions and innovative products that would enable our country to fight against COVID -19 pandemic more strongly. This was built on the basis of the past experience of the NSTEDB in the implementation of the Center for Augmenting WAR with COVID-19 Health Crisis (CAWACH) and also through special calls through the National Initiative for Development and the exploitation of innovations - Seed Support System (NIDHI - SSS) of Technology Business Incubators (TBI) to support startups last year. Also in the current situation, startups can play a major role in bringing new technologies and products to the market, thus strengthening our country on different fronts against the ongoing war against COVID. Some startups already have promising technologies but need mentoring, financial and marketing support to take them to the next level. Thus, DST's attempt through this new initiative is to identify and support deserving startups with the support essential to evolve their technologies, thus helping them to reach the product deployment phase as quickly as possible.

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Suggested Areas for the Contest:

Oxygen innovation

  • Oxygen concentrator

  • Oxygen supply chain

  • Oxygen generator

  • Cylinder cleaning and converting technology

  • Cylinder fittings

  • BiPAP

  • CPAP

  • 3D printing of cylinder fitting etc

Portable solution

  • Portable ventilators

  • Multi-parameter monitoring devices

  • Remote monitoring systems

  • Respirator, Resuscitator

  • Other peripheral medical equipment such as Contactless thermometers & Stethoscopes

  • Patient monitoring system

Relevant medical accessories

  • Home care solution

  • Home ICU solutions


  • Rapid Antibody & Antigen diagnostic kits

  • Other diagnostic kits

  • Genomics based mapping solutions

  • Reagents

  • Safe sample collections

  • Tele-pathology

  • Tele-radiology


  • Health care information systems

  • Movement tracking & tracing

  • Crowd management

  • Geofencing

  • Logistics

  • Tele-consultation

  • Any containment solutions involving software / mobile applications

  • Patient tracking/monitoring systems


  • Any solution that addresses/mitigates various challenges faced by country/society due to the severe impact of COVID-19

  • Development and Manufacturing (import substitution) of the Products Parts which are currently being imported for the devices like Oxygen Concentrators etc.

Note: Priority would be given to product/solution near-ready, ready for deployment or manufacturing scaleup or repurposing of existing products and services that can be quickly deployed

Contest Insights:

  • Call for application for the first round is open from 19th May, 2021 till 31st May, 2021, 23:59 hrs

  • The startup owns the IP/Patent under the NIDHI4COVID 2.0 program

  • Evaluation of the applications, and selection of startups and funding will be in accordance with the well laid out process through a network of DST supported TBIs

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Who can Apply for the Contest:

  1. The applicant startup must be a startup/company registered in India . Startup having a formal association with the incubator (Any central and state government supported incubators) in its resident or virtual incubation program would be preferred. If the applicant startup is a non-incubated one but shows promising technologies DST will try to connect them to existing programs for possible evaluation and support upon the committee’s recommendation

  2. Startups should be less than 10 years in existence.In case startup has more than 10 years of existence, and the product has reached commercialization stage, the company may approach Technology Development Board (TDB) for the needed funding support

  3. The startup having DPIIT recognition with Startup India would be preferred. In case the startup does not have DPIIT recognition while applying in the NIDHI4COVID 2.0 program, the startup may ensure to get DPIIT recognition as soon as possible.

  4. Founders of the applicant company should have at least 51% Indian shareholding, and should be having a competent team in place, preferably with domain expertise.

  5. The applicant startup should have developed a clear product to market fit, customer discovery with clarity on intended customers and value propositions for its targeted customers.

  6. Preferably at a revenue stage or has raised funds earlier.

  7. Preferably to have already deployed or ready to deploy a product within a few weeks. Products requiring approval from competent authorities may share their plan of action and latest status.

  8. Innovative solutions at conceptual stage requiring funds for prototype development would be directed towards NIDHI PRAYAS program in line with the program guidelines. Refer NIDHI PRAYAS website

  9. Key information and along with list of documents to be submitted by the startup while filing the application form:

  • Product working principles indicating the current product development stage and milestones to be achieved from the fund required.

  • Business plan

  • Endorsement from the applicant regarding incubation support/ affiliation from GoI / State supported incubator.

  • Certifications/approvals applied/pending or received.

10. The following documents will be required from the startups by the implementing TBIs for during evaluation:

  • Company Registration certificates (CoI, MoA, AoA)

  • Shareholding pattern

  • GST registration certificate

  • KYC of promoters – Aadhar card and PAN Card

  • Balance sheet (If applicable) and Bank account statement last 6 months

Reward: Startup Funding

.............INNOVATE TO WIN..............


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Disclaimer: Projectcontest website was started to support students, industries and innovators to know various contest updates , we furnish the details in our website post which are taken from the contest link or details given by organizers which was given at the time of contest launch, if any changes made in contest such as reward, date of closing, rules and regulation is not responsible for the changes.


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