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Kick Start 2020 - Google Coding Contest

Closing Date: 15-Nov-2020
Reward: Carrier Opportunity

Contest outline:

Kick Start a googles coding competition in its 8th edition offers coders around the world the opportunity to develop and perfect their programming skills through competitive tournaments hosted online. The three-hour tours present a variety of algorithmic challenges, all developed by Google engineers so that you get a taste of the technical skills necessary for a career at Google (the best competitors in the Kick Start tours can be invited to interview at Google). kick start tours take place regularly throughout the year at different times so that they are easily accessible to coders around the world. Each Kick Start Round is open to all participants, no pre-qualification is required, so you can try one or give them a chance.

Competition Structure:

  • The Kick start Contest consists of multiple rounds (each, a “Round”, and collectively, “Rounds”) which will take place online.

  • The Kick start Contest may have one (1) or more practice sessions.

  • The Kick start Contest has eight (8) Rounds, Round A - H, starting on Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 04:00 UTC, and ending on Sunday, November 15, 2020 at 06:00 UTC.

Kick Start Rounds.

  • Participants can participate in any and all Rounds of your choice regardless of performance or participation in any prior Rounds.

  • To participate in each Round, you must log in to the KS Contest website to attempt to solve a number of problems within the stated time period.

Who Can Participate:

you must be at least 18 years old and at least the legal age in your country of residence.

Timeline(Round - Start (UTC) - End (UTC), Duration)

  1. Round A- Mar 22 2020, 04:00 - Mar 22 2020, 07:00-3 hrs

  2. Round B - Apr 18 2020, 23:00 - Apr 19 2020, 02:003 hrs

  3. Round C - May 17 2020, 11:00 - May 17 2020, 14:003 hrs

  4. Round D - Jul 12 2020, 05:00 - Jul 12 2020, 08:003 hrs

  5. Round E - Aug 23 2020, 03:30 - Aug 23 2020, 06:303 hrs

  6. Round F - Sep 27 2020, 00:00 - Sep 27 2020, 03:003 hrs

  7. Round G - Oct 18 2020, 12:00 - Oct 18 2020, 15:003 hrs

  8. Round H - Nov 15 2020, 03:00 - Nov 15 2020, 06:003 hrs


A Chance for getting Carrier opportunity at Google.

............INNOVATE TO WIN............


For more details and coding data visit the link below:

Category of contest: Coding Contest

Disclaimer: As our blog was started to support students and innovators to know all latest contest, we furnish the details in our blog post which are taken from the contest link which was given at the time of contest launch, if any changes made in contest such as reward or date of closing is not responsible for the changes. By Rajasekar Madhavan-Contest Consultant

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