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Industrial IoT Using LoRaWAN Technology by Enthu Tech-Training cum Internship

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Last date to Enroll: 20th February 2022 Registration Fee: INR 1200(Individual)


Enthu Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd is a next-generation technology company that helps enterprises, start-ups reimagine their businesses for the digitally connected age. As an Agile enabled company, Enthu Tech deliver the best in class Products, End to End Solutions, and Services in IoT and PCB domains.

As a B2B player, Enthu Tech offer Product Development, Consultancy Services, and End to End IoT Solutions development for Smart Cities, Agriculture, Smart Home & Infrastructure, Connected Vehicles, and Industrial Automation verticals.

Enthu Tech offer the best in class quality for Product design, Product Prototype, and PCB Assembly & Manufacturing Services. Enthu Tech help startups to establish the best in quality PCB Manufacturing Facilities. As a Future-Thinking organization, Enthu Tech offer akvodropsTM – A Smart Water Metering Solution for Apartments, Commercial Buildings, and Industries to save the most invaluable thing in this world: Water.