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Foundation Course: Problem Solving using C-Programming: Employability Training cum Internship

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Last Date to Enroll: 30th November 2022 (Contact Team) Registration Fee: 900 to 1200 INR

About the Training Program:

Problem Solving using C programming is a Foundation course for Programming language learning, which is designed for students to provide employability skill training in order to crack the top MNC Employability Contest. The Training is planned as a live session with exclusive coding assessment through online coding platform. The training will be focused on corporate contest hiring with coding assessment for practice with question Corporate hiring pattern . The Session will be handled by Project Contest Innovations LLP approved Course Instructor with min 5 Years of Industrial Experience.

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About C-Programming:

C is a general-purpose programming language created by Dennis Ritchie at the Bell Laboratories in 1972. It is a very popular language, despite being old. C is a versatile and popular programming language, which allows it to be used in a wide range of applications and technologies. It can, for example, be used to write the code for operating systems, much more complex programs and everything in between. Its simplicity and flexibility are largely due to the fact that it can operate independently of machines, which has lent itself to becoming one of the fundamental programming languages ​​in the industry.

Gaining an understanding of C will help you learn a wide range of other programming languages ​​that use C as their base by borrowing features and syntax from C, such as Java and C++.

Event Number: PCIEMP007

Training Plan:

  • Live Training (Online)

  • 40 hrs-2 hrs/day, 20 days

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

  • Time: 7.00pm to 9.00pm

  • Exclusive Coding Assessment for Learning

  • Session Recorded Video for Limited time access will be provided

  • Classes start from 4rd Week of November

Enroll Today for Problem Solving using C-Programming:



  • From 4rd Week of November 2022

  • Duration: 4 weeks,30 days, 20 session- 2 hrs/session, 10+ Coding Assessment


  • All the Students/Individuals who are interested to C-Programming can apply

Note: Recorded Video will be given for limited access time if Live Session is missed


1. Internship Certificate (6 Weeks) and Course Completion Certificate (40 hrs) are issued as per the norms specified in NAAC & NBA Accreditation process

2. Active students & Based on Assessment Score will be given Best Intern Award

3. Faculty Mentor will be given Internship Mentor Certificate if students enrolling as team & successfully complete the Course cum Internship


(Note: 2 or 3 Member team is 1000 INR or I200 INR Per Individual only)

Payable at:

Account Name: Project Contest Innovations LLP

UPI ID: projectcontest@icici

GPay: 9500293472

Acc no: 768705000092

IFSC: ICIC0007687

Bank: ICICI Bank

Type: Current

Enroll for the Training Now (Call to Team if any Doubt):

For Doubt call or WhatsApp: 8220345819, 9500293472

Enroll Today for Problem Solving using C-Programming:


About TCS NQT:

TCS NQT is an Hiring test which is conducted by TCS iON. It is conducted every quarter and candidates can take it, get a good score and apply for vacancies in companies tied up with the TCS NQT.

Eligibilty: UG, PG and Diploma students

About TCS Ninja:

TCS Ninja is a Hiring contest organized by Tata Consultancy Services to provide the best opportunity for the Candidates for the Entry Level who are in the Streams of B.Tech, M.Tech, M.Sc, MCA.

Eligibilty: B.E./ B.Tech/ M.E./ M.Tech/ MCA/ M.Sc (Check in Test Website)

TCS Ninja & NQT Syllabus:

Cognitive Skills-Section A

TCS Ninja Cognitive Skills is a General Ability Test that assesses a candidate in the following 3 areas.

  • Numerical Ability - This section assesses number systems, arithmetic, elementary statistics, data interpretation.

  • Verbal Ability - This section assesses English grammar, appropriate usage of the same, and reading comprehension.

  • Reasoning Ability - This section assesses identifying words and numeric patterns, problem-solving, figural and factual analysis, decision-making, propositional reasoning, and visual-spatial reasoning.

Programming-Section B

TCS Ninja Programming is a Technical Ability Test that assesses a candidate in the following areas:

  • Programming Logic-Operators, Looping statements, Control statements, Arrays, Strings, Functions, Object-Oriented Programming (OOPS), Data Structures: Linked List, Stack, Queue, Trees and Graphs, Pseudocoding, Algorithms & Basic Software Development Cycle

  • Coding-Data types, Operators, Arrays, Strings, Decision Making, Looping, Functions, Scenario-based questions

Wipro NLTH Elite:

Elite National Talent Hunt 2.0 (NTH) is a fresher’s hiring program by Wipro to attract the best of 2022 engineering graduates across the country. Through NLTH Wipro provides equal employment opportunities for India’s deserving engineering talents.

Eligibilty: B.E./B. Tech (Compulsory degree)/ M.E./M. Tech (5-year integrated course) full-time course recognized by the Central/State Government of India. All branches except Fashion Technology, Textile Engineering, Agriculture and Food technology.

Wipro NLTH Syllabus:

  • Aptitude Test: Logical Ability, Quantitative Ability , English (verbal) Ability. Duration: 48 mins

  • Written Communication Test: Essay writing. Duration: 20 mins

  • Online Programming Test: Two programs for coding. Duration: 60 mins Candidate can chose any one of these programming languages for the online programming test: Java, C, C++ or Python.

.............INNOVATE TO WIN..............

Enroll Today for Problem Solving using C-Programming:

Category of the contest: Coding Training, Contest Based Hiring

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Disclaimer: Projectcontest website was started to support students, industries, and innovators to know various contest updates, we furnish the details in our website post which are taken from the contest link or details given by organizers which were given at the time of contest launch if any changes made in a contest such as a reward, date of closing, rules and regulation is not responsible for the changes.

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