Embedded System Design using Arduino IDE & Micropython-Training cum Internship

Updated: Aug 31

Last date to Enroll: 2nd Sep 2022 Registration Fee: INR 1200 (Individual)


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This course focuses on the integration of hardware and software, or “Embedded programming”. Students will have opportunities to learn to build hardware with Arduino Uno/ Nano, Raspberry Pi Pico, basic electronic components and breadboard, and learn to control them with C/C++ and Python programming.

Embedded programming is widely used in multiple industries including Aerospace, Automobile, and Medical industry. Especially, IoT and smart devices (smart TV, Google home, Alexa) have increasingly made embedded programming popular.

This course is designed for beginners. In the 8-week course, students will use Raspberry Pi Pico to build hardware with LEDs, buzzers, push buttons, and sensors on a breadboard. By walking through a series of guided projects, students will understand how Python programs execute on the actual hardware.


ProjectContest.com (by M/S Project Contest Innovations LLP) in association with various Industries across India has taken the initiative to provide the Training cum Internship on the emerging areas to students, faculty, research scholars & startups for enhancing the skills for Employability & Entrepreneurship. So far through this initiative over 1900+ students from 130+ institution got benefited. In this regards now ProjectContest.com with EDiyLabs Technology Solutions has planned to provide a 45 days Training cum Internship focusing on "Embedded System Design".

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Course Content-Arduino

1. Embedded Systems Overview

2. Architecture of Embedded Systems

3. Embedded Trends and Projects

4. Basic C Programming Concepts

5. Getting Started with Arduino IDE

6. Introduction to Communication

7. Sensors and Actuators for Embedded System Design

9. GPIO Programming & Sensors Interfacing in Arduino

10. Interfacing with smart Phone Application

Course Content-Node MCU

1. Basics of Internet of things.

2. NodeMCU board, its pin configuration and board configuration.

3. Basic Arduino Programming.

4. Handling of Analog & Digital values

5. Blynk 2.0 App and how to configure it.

6. Establishing a connection between the Blynk App. and the NodeMCU.

7. Interfacing home appliances with the NodeMCU via relay module.

8. Project: Smart Dustbin

9. Project: Smart Notice Board

10.Project: Smart Agriculture

Course Content-Micropython

1. Introduction to Raspberry Pi Pico

2. Basics of Micrtopython programming

3. Variours Micropython Language Syntax

4. Input and Output pin control using Micropython

5. Traffic Light Control System

6. Project: Reaction Game

7. Project: Theft alert system

8. Project: Temperature monitoring system using DHT11


1. A desktop or laptop computer is required. Windows 10 is recommended.

2. Stable internet connection

3. A webcam and a microphone are strongly recommended for trainer-student face-to-face communication.

Components Required for Learning:

  • Hardware: Arduino UNO/ Nano, Node MCU, Raspberry Pi Pico (Students can buy from Online through Ediylabs or other vendors or get from the respective Colleges)

  • Software: Arduino IDE, Blynk 2.0 Application, ThonnyIDE (Link for Dowloding will be shared befor starting the Internship)


  • Internship Duration: (45 days),

  • Live session: 4hrs/week-Sunday- 7 Sessions

  • Sunday-10.00 am to 12.00pm, 2.00pm to 4.00pm

  • Starting Date: 3rd week of Sep 2022

  • Recorded Videos will be provided for Limited time access.


1) Only limited registration is allowed based on first cum first confirmation process.

2) Separate Internship Certificate and Course Completion Certificate will be jointly issued by Ediylabs Technology Solutions & Project Contest Innovations LLP

3) Payment to be done in Project Contest Innovations LLP Account & screen shot to be uploaded in the registration link


1) Active students will be given Best Intern Award-Decided by the Industrial trainer

2) Faculty Mentor will be given Internship Mentor award if students enrolling as team & successfully complete the Training cum Internship

3) Internship Certificate (6 Weeks) and Course Completion Certificate (32 hrs) are issued as per the norms specified in NAAC & NBA Accreditation process

4) Source Code for the Projects discussed will be shared