DRDO Defence Innovation Challenge 2022

Updated: Feb 11

Reward: Fund Upto 20 Crore INR

About the Contest:

For Advancing the Defense Design and Technology Incubator of India (DDTII) initiative, the “DRDO Defense Innovation Challenge” has been launched by DDTII in partnership with the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and the Department of Science and government technologies. of Gujarat (DST). It aims to help Startups/MSMEs/Innovators to prototype and/or commercialize products/solutions in the field of National Defense and Aerospace.

The objective of DIC is to support existing and new projects and also contribute towards 'Make In India' initiative.

Vision of DIC is:

i. Help create functional prototypes of products/technologies relevant for national security (prototyping), and spur fast-moving innovation in the Indian defence-sector

ii. Help new tech products/technologies find a market and early customer (commercialisation) in the form of the Indian Defence Establishment.

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Who can Apply:

  • Level 1: Student design projects This category shall be open for all students from any institute in any stream from across India.

  • Level 2: Existing start-up projects This category shall be open for registered entities in a stand-alone capacity or being incubated at any government or private incubator.

  • Level 3: Start-ups with PoC offering solution to existing problem statements identified under the Make In India drives by Army, Navy, or Airforce This category shall be open for business entities of any level or scale.

Suggested Problem Statements for Level 3 Participants:

  1. Post Covid psychological effects on soldiers and their management.

  2. Anti mob equipment based on infrasonic radiation.

  3. Real time video analytic and alerts for discrimination between human and animal, natural and man made features, etc.

  4. See through foliage-active laser imaging, 3D vision through stereoscopic cameras.

  5. Secured fiber less optical telephone exchange.

  6. S&T knowledge management system-a google like search engine for limited area network.

  7. Remote charging of UAV Batteries.

  8. Highly reflective micro mirrors @ 1 micro meter wavelength.

  9. Gun shot localization equipment.

  10. Low cost low power internet enabled autonomous video cameras for 24x7 live transmission of video.

  11. All in one mobile handset to receive signals of CDM, 4/5F, sitcom, CNR etc.

  12. Geo referencing of UAV imagery/video.

How to Apply:

Applicants are required to provide the following information in the application:

i. Full Details of a Single Point of Contact for the applying entity – these are the full contact details of a single person who will act as the point of contact between DDTII and the applicant. We encourage that this person be a core member of the applicant entity (Startup/ MSME). ii. Entity Details – these are the details of the Startup/MSME applying. Individuals Innovators do not have to fill these. iii.Proposal Details – these are the details of the proposal in response to the defence

Challenge problem statements/focus areas:

Challenge problem statements/focus areas. Applicants must select the problem statement they are addressing, what level of funding they want and give technical and financial details of their proposal. This will include mentioning relevant patents and research papers by the applicant, if any as well as a tentative business plan.

Evaluation of applications: The applications will be screened by a duly constituted high-powered committee of defence and technology experts for the purpose of screening and selection of applications for the DDTII Challenge.

Documents required for submission of the application:

1) I'd Card

2) Idea pitch deck

3) Short description video about the solutions

4) Company Incorporation Number

5) Company Logo

6) Photo of the participant

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Support to selected applications in the Challenge: Total prize money and angel funding up to INR 50 crore. The funds will be disbursed in tranches based on the milestones decided by a high- powered selection committee. Apart from the fund, selected applicants may also be given entry to accelerator programs run by DDTII , where they will be supported in technology and business development through mentorship under the innovation and entrepreneurship experts. The selected applicants may also be supported in terms of access to defence testing facilities and experts for their product/ technology development. The prize money for the various category winners are proposed as,

Level 1 - for student project and idea-board stage projects

  • Cash Prize of INR 50,000 to each winner (team)

  • Research Grant up to INR 2.5 lakh

  • 2-years support programme at Defence Design and Technology Incubator of India (DDTII)

  • Industry-linkage to select winners* to receive funding under the TDF Scheme

Level 2 - existing start-up projects

  • Cash Prize of INR 1,00,000 to each winner (team)

  • Research Grant up to INR 5 lakh

  • 2-years support programme at Defence Design and Technology Incubator of India (DDTII)