Cyber Security (Become a White Hat Hacker) -Training cum Internship by Supraja Technologies I ITP012

Updated: Mar 19

Last date to Enroll: 30th March 2022 Registration Fee: INR 1500(Individual)


SUPRAJA TECHNOLOGIES Owned by CHSMRLSS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED, offers technology solutions and services which suit once business, to take it to the heights of success.

Company Mission:-

To create new levels of excellence in the field of Cyber Security and Digital Marketing by delivering services and solutions of highest quality and reliability on time.

Sectors they serve:-

  • Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Financial Institutions

  • Export Import Related Business

  • Educational Institutions

  • Public & Private Sectors


ABOUT THE INTERNSHIP CUM TRAINING PROGRAM: (by M/S Project Contest Innovations LLP) in association with various Industries across India has taken the initiative to provide the Training cum Internship on the emerging areas to students, faculty, research scholars & startups for enhancing the skills for Employability & Entrepreneurship. So far through this initiative over 1600+ students from 110+ institution got benefited. In this regards now with SUPRAJA TECHNOLOGIES has planned to provide a 45 days Training cum Internship focusing on "Cyber Security".

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1) Introduction to Ethical Hacking & Networking:

  • Basic Ethical Hacking Concepts

  • Essential Terminalogy

  • Types of Hackers

  • Basic Network Concepts

  • Protocols & Ports

  • File System in linux

  • Windows & Linux commands

2) Stegnography & Sniffing:

  • Introduction to steganography

  • Why steganography

  • Types of steganography attacks

  • Image steganography

  • Audio steganography

  • Video steganography

  • White space steganography

  • Folder steganography

  • Advantages of steganography


  • Man-in-the-middle attacks

  • Analyzing data using wireshark

  • Exposing sensitive files from network

  • Exposing sensitive data from network

  • Tools used for sniffing

3) Social Engineering & Cryptography:

Social engineering:

  • Introduction to social engineering

  • Why social engineering

  • Vulnerable targets for social engineering

  • Phases of social engineering

  • Types of social engineering

  • Social engineering techniques

  • Counter measures for social engineering

  • Tools used for social engineering


  • Introduction to cryptography

  • Why cryptography

  • Tools used for cryptography

  • Different algorithms used for cryptography

  • Cryptography attacks

4) System & Server Hacking:

System hacking:

  • Windows and Linux login bypass

  • Password cracking for windows

  • Backdoor for windows and Linux

  • Exploits for windows and Linux

  • Countermeasures to prevent attacks

Server hacking:

  • Introduction to different types of servers

  • Exploiting servers with exploits

  • Vulnerable machines to practical knowledge

  • Counter measures to prevent attacks

5) Malwares Threats:

  • Introduction to Malwares – Virus, Worms, Trojans, Botnets, Ransomware

  • Working of Keyloggers & Advanced Keyloggers Using Remote Administration Tools (RAT)

  • Antiviruses and How Do They Work How to Create, How to Identify & How to Remove Malwares from PC

  • Conclusion

6) Mobile Exploits & Vulenerabilities Analysis:

Mobile hacking:

  • Introduction to mobile platforms

  • History of mobile platforms

  • Top 10 owasp mobile vulnerabilities

  • Countermeasures for mobile exploits

  • Security application for mobiles

Vulnerability analysis: