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Code Jam 2022 by Google I Coding Contest

Registration Closing: 3rd April 2022 Reward: Championship title and $15,000 USD

About the Contest:

Code Jam is Google's longest running global coding competition which is in the 19th year, where programmers of all levels put their skills to the test. Competitors work their way through a series of online algorithmic puzzles to earn a spot at the World Finals, all for a chance to win the championship title and $15,000 USD.

Google’s through Code Jam, calls on programmers around the world to solve challenging, algorithmic puzzles against the clock. Contestants advance through four online-hosted rounds to compete at the annual Code Jam World Finals that is held at a different international Google office each year. Each round brings new challenges, and in the end 25 contestants will have the ultimate chance to put their skills to the test, vying for cash prizes and the coveted championship title at the World Finals.

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Contest Flow:

  • Register and compete in Code Jam’s Online Qualification Round. It lasts 27 hours, but you won't need that long to earn the round’s qualifying point minimum. Once you do, you’ll advance to Online Round 1. Google offer three sub-rounds for Round 1, and you can compete in as many as it takes for you to finish in the top 1,500 of any of these rounds.

  • The top 1,500 from each sub-round move on to compete for a spot in the top 1,000 contestants of Code Jam Online Round 2. These top 1,000 contestants advance to Online Round 3 and earn a limited edition Code Jam t-shirt.

  • The top 25 contestants from Code Jam Online Round 3 will compete in the Virtual World Finals for the championship title and a cash prize of $15,000 USD.

Contest Timeline:


Start (UTC)

End (UTC)


Qualification Round 2022

Apr 1 2022, 23:00

Apr 3 2022, 02:00

27 hrs

Round 1A 2022

Apr 9 2022, 01:00

Apr 9 2022, 03:30

2 hrs 30 mins

Round 1B 2022 Apr 24 2022, 16:00 Apr 24 2022, 18:30 2 hrs 30 mins

Round 1C 2022 Apr 30 2022, 09:00 Apr 30 2022, 11:30 2 hrs 30 mins

Round 2 2022 May 14 2022, 14:00 May 14 2022, 16:30 2 hrs 30 mins

Round 3 2022 Jun 4 2022, 14:00 Jun 4 2022, 16:30 2 hrs 30 mins

World Finals 2022 Aug 6 2022, 13:00 Aug 6 2022, 17:00 4 hrs

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Championship title and $15,000 USD

.............CODE TO WIN..............

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Category of the contest: Coding Contest

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