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Students Projects Scheme by TNSCST-Tamilnadu I Final year project support

Closing Date: 31-Aug-2019 Reward: 10,000 INR


TNSCST-Tamilnadu State Council for Science And Technology which is under Government of Tamilnadu, India. The main objectives of TNSCST are,

  • Liaise between the Government of India and the State Government and initiate, direct and coordinate the research activities of government departments, universities and other professional bodies to foster the development of scientific research in the State . To identify the areas of application of science and technology to the needs, objectives and development objectives of Tamil Nadu, and in particular to the prevailing conditions of lag, rurality, unemployment and poverty.

  • Advise the Government on the formulation of policies and measures, including technical, administrative and legal arrangements, to promote this application to identified needs, objectives and goals - particularly for the health, education and use of labor force, with particular emphasis on skills development in rural areas and shantytowns, which will promote the scientific management of the State's natural resources.

  • Promote effective coordination and develop and foster communication and other linkages between science and technology research centers, government agencies, farms and industries so that promising research and development is initiated, promoted and effectively deployed in the agricultural, government and community sectors. somewhere else.

  • Initiate, support and coordinate programs of basic and applied research in universities. Tamil Nadu Academy of Sciences and other scientific, academic and professional bodies in fields considered particularly suited to the application of science and technology. Prepare science and technology plans that meet the development needs of the state and integrate them into the state's annual plans.

  • Examine and advise the Government on any other matter related to the application of science and technology to the problems of the State of Tamil Nadu. To interact with the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Cabinet of the Government of India.

About the Scheme:

The State Council of Tamilnadu for Science and Technology implements Student Projects Scheme to mobilize the talent and potential available with students for the benefit of our state. As part of this program, last year students at the UG (Engineering) / PG Science Students / PG Professional Students with PhD Thesis work in their program can apply. Financial support up to Rs 10,000 / be provided to each project. Those who wish to apply for this program are requested to read the instructions carefully and apply them only in the prescribed format. The format and instructions in which the proposals must be submitted are available in the website.

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Instructions to be noted:

  1. The scheme is established with the aim of providing assistance in the form of UG / PG final year students (Civil Engineering: Mechanics: : EEE / ECE / EIA / ICE: ESC / IT / IT Application / Software: Chemical), PG (Professional courses) and PG (all sciences) for scientific research work, with particularly interesting for the State of Tamil Nadu, for economic and industrial development.

  2. Student projects will be eligible for a maximum grant of Rs 10,000.

  3. Any sector of format One (in Sl.NO.4) must be chosen and filled with care. Incorrect filling or if you fill several sectors, your application will be rejected.

  4. The project team (batch) can have a maximum of four students. The project team should send a single proposal.

  5. It should be noted that the project proposal must be original, innovative and innovative. They have utility and applicability for implementation. Please note that the evaluation of the project is also based on these factors.

  6. Project Guides / Project Managers should evaluate project proposals and review them before sending project proposals to TNSCST.

  7. The project team should not change the subject and should not deviate from the objectives of the sanctioned project proposal. In the event of such changes, the grant will be considered canceled and the institution will have to return the amount sanctioned to TNSCST.

  8. Project proposals received will be reviewed and evaluated by a team of experts. Selected projects will be announced on the TNSCST website at The sanction letter of the project and the money will be sent to the director / registrar of the institution with a copy to the project guide.

  9. Sanctioned projects should be completed and the report should be submitted before the end of April 2020.

  10. The Certificate of Use (CU) and Statement of Expenses (SE) must be signed by the guide, the CEO and the Registrar / Registrar, with the official stamp, as the case may be. The guides are responsible for the timely submission of seminar documents, UC and SE.

  11. If the guide wishes to leave the institution where the project is based, the Institute / Guide will inform the Council and, in consultation with the Council, will define the steps to be taken to ensure the successful completion of the project before discharging the project. GUIDE.

  12. Project proposals that do not meet the prescribed format and are incomplete will not be considered. The preliminary copy and the electronic copy of the proposals will not be considered.

  13. Two copies of the proposal must be signed and sent by the guide through the Executive Director and the Director / Registrar, as the case may be, to reach the Council Office no later than 5 pm on August 31, 2019.

  14. Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered and no communication will be initiated in this regard. Postal delays will not be accepted for any reason.

Eligibility Criteria:

Last year students at the UG (Engineering) / PG Science Students / PG Professional Students pursuing their degree in the State of Tamilnadu can apply.

Prize & Recognition:

Cash Prize: 10000 INR & Certificates

Address for sending proposal:

Two copies of proposals complete in all aspects are to be submitted through proper channel to

The Member Secretary,

Tamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology,

DOTE Campus, Chennai - 600 025.

.............ALL THE BEST..............

For more details and application visit the link below:

Category of contest: Project Grant support

Disclaimer: As our blog was started to support students and innovators to know all latest contest, we furnish the details in our blog post which are taken from the contest link which was given at the time of contest launch, if any changes made in contest such as reward or date of closing is now responsible for the changes.

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