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TCS smARnavi -2019

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Closing Date: 24 Dec 2019


TCS smARtnavi organized by TCS Campus Commune portal needs the innovators to develop an mobile application with AR Technology to help customers navigate out of stores has never really gone beyond the original drivers, largely due to the lack of a cost-effective or accurate way of locating where a customer is. client when he is inside. The two major consumer mapping platforms provided by Google and Bing have made reasonable progress in mapping department stores, but with limited success. Navigating to the store is the easiest part - easier shop navigation is a problem that still needs to be resolved.

It is estimated that the proliferation of AR based inland navigation in different consumption sectors will grow tremendously over the next few years as technologies evolve. As users become more digital savvy and ready to apply new technologies in their daily lives.

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