TATA INNOVERSE-Product Authentication Using Invisible Signature

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Closing Date: 27-JAN-2019 Reward: 3,00,000 INR

Tata innoverse was started by Tata industries, to provide open innovation platform to solve challenges for various problems. By this initiative the industry is targeting to solve many real world problems by reaching out to skilled solvers internationally and also to provide them a best platform to demonstrate their ideas, skills and creativity to develop unique and best solutions to solve real world industry challenges. The best problem solvers get rewarded, and also they become trusted technology partner with Tata industries.

Contest Details:

Tata industry requires problem solvers for solving Product Authentication Using Invisible Signature

Key points of Problem Statement:

1. Materials like steel, aluminum, plastic and composite materials are processed and shipped to different locations.

2. All these processed articles are in different forms of reels, boxes, cans, cylinders, sheets, slabs and bars (dimensions: millimeters in meters).

3. Your idea should avoid product confusion and ensure traceability.

4. By means of an invisible marking, which can not be detected by the human eye.

5. The marking must be durable so that it can not be erased, scratched or inadvertently removed, while providing us with a unique means of tracking the products.

6. Apply onlinemarkings on multiple substrates made of materials Should be done when processing or manufacturing.

7. The marking should not be affected any means during the different stages of treatment.

For more details visit the contest link below:

Contest link: www.tatainnoverse.com

Major Category: Industry contest

Description Video:

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