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Tata Innoverse - Season 7 New Challenges Nov-2019

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Reward: 3,00,000 INR to 10,00,000 INR

Organizer Details:

Tata innoverse was started by Tata industries is an ongoing project competitions, to provide open innovation platform to solve challenges for various problems. By this initiative the industry is targeting to solve many real world problems by reaching out to skilled solvers internationally and also to provide them a best platform to demonstrate their ideas, skills and creativity to develop unique and best solutions to solve real world industry challenges. The best problem solvers get rewarded, and also they become trusted technology partner with Tata industries.

Problem Statements- Sep 2019:

1. Life Enhancement Of Cooling Circuit Non-return Valve In Slag Granulation Plant - Thare searching for a suitable Non Return Value (NRV) or any alternate arrangement which improves working life of cooling circuit NRV in slag granulation plant. Slag granulation plant granulates molten Blast Furnace (BF) slag into a sandy non crystalline structure material which is then used in cement and construction industries. Due to rapid cooling and the impact of water pressure, molten BF slag is granulated into vitreous sand like particles which form a slurry mixture with water. This slurry mixture of water gets pumped into cooling circuit where NRVs (Non-Return Valve) are used to resist return flow and allows the pump to start in no load condition. NRVs used to fail due to abrasion caused by the slurry mixed water and hence, affects the operation of pumps. They are searching for a suitable NRV or any alternate arrangement which improves working life of NRV.

2. Surface Inspection Of Steel Sheets - They are looking for

  • An online system for surface inspection of steel sheets for roughness, hardness and shape measurements.

  • Automatic online (i.e. when the coil is being processed) surface inspection system for both the surfaces (top & bottom).

  • Inspection needs to be carried out on the complete surface area of the moving coil to identify the defects like marks, scratches, coil slips etc.

  • Shape/curling measurement (which requires identification of curling of a sample 800 mm X 800 mm either across or along the rolling direction of the same size) should be performed without manual intervention.

  • Automatic online hardness measurement should be performed at 3 locations (both edges & middle) of the coilSimilarly, an online roughness measurement should be performed for top & bottom surface of the coil.

3. Edge Inspection Of Steel Sheets - They are seeking solutions

  • To monitor both the edges of a steel coil round the clock at the pickling line.

  • The edge inspection system should record the condition of the edges, which can be referred at a later point of time if required.

  • The system should not adversely affect the productivity

  • Should trigger an alarm whenever a defect above a defined severity is detected.

  • Easy to install and operate

  • Should have the facility to define defect types

Proposal Questions:

1. Title

2. Please share your solution

3. What other solutions have you seen in the market for this problem? What have been the flaws in those solutions?

4. Please define the problem statement as understood by you

5. What positive and unique results do we expect to see from your solution?

6. What is the estimated investment required to implement your solution at our end?

For more details visit the link below:

Category of contest: Hardware contest, Industry contest

Disclaimer: As our blog was started to support students and innovators to know all latest contest, we furnish the details in our blog post which are taken from the contest link which was given at the time of contest launch, if any changes made in contest such as reward or date of closing is not responsible for the changes. By Rajasekar Madhavan-Contest Consultant

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