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Tata Crucible Hackathon 2021

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Closing Date: 20 Feb 2021 (Check Contest Website) Reward: 1.5 Lakh INR

About Tata Crucible Hackathon 2021:

The Tata group has always strived to undertake initiatives that provide young minds with a platform to showcase their talent and adding a Hackathon to the Tata Crucible platform is an effort to encourage young minds to think differently. They launched the Tata Crucible Hackathon in 2017 for businesses, followed by the first edition of the campus in 2018. The second edition of the Corporate Hackathon took place in 2018 and the second edition of the Campus Hackathon took place in 2019.

The 2021 edition will be a combined track for campus students and professionals and start-ups. Full-time students and full-time working professionals from all over India are encouraged to submit innovative solutions to solve challenges for the Tata Crucible Hackathon 2021 and to be recognized. The Tata Group Technology and Innovation Office is the content partner of the Tata Crucible Hackathon.

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Problem Statement for the Contest:

1) Challenge 1: Mobile application for 2D barcode scanning from metal surface 2D data matrix (3mm X 3mm size) is engraved on watch stainless steel metal back cover surface to have unique identification with four different finishes - Fully buffed, Horizontal satin, Vertical satin & Circular satin. We are looking for an application to scan the barcode by customer itself using their mobile phone to get product authentication and self-registration. We are looking for a mobile app to suit/ work in all smartphones and decode data from the 2D data matrix which will get appear in a web platform. There are many free mobile which apps are available but not meeting our requirement of direct part marking scanning - marking engraved in laser machine. Also, this 2D barcode engraved on metal surface which leads to glare & reflection

2) Challenge 2: Design of squatting toilet seat & Reduction in water consumption in public toilets Public toilet maintenance is a headache to civic authorities due to its cleaning and unproper usage, So smart toilets were introduced. During the operation of these smart toilets, challenges related to cleaning, misbehavior of users, improper usage, intentional damages, spitting, throwing of bottles, napkins and papers in the pan, etc. Currently, the toilets are cleaned in a day or two manually. We are looking for a solution with below mentioned details • The optimum height of the squatting toilet seat (In between Indian style & European style) • Power storm hot water flushing system • Reduce water consumption from ~7 liters to 1 liter per flush

3) Challenge 3 : Making overhead electrical lines safe Overhead transmission and distribution lines are laid in accordance to statutory norms of maintaining a safe distance with houses, trees and other structures. However, several situations arise wherein these hazards become apparent e.g. encroachment and unauthorized hutments underneath the supply lines, temporary structures in the vicinity of live lines, using tall sculptures during celebration of religious events near the live line or children playing underneath/near live line. While it is practically impossible to prohibit human movement under LV lines in populated Indian cities, unauthorized encroachment near electric poles, movement of tall structures such as idols or bigger vehicles create potential electrical hazard. These lines generally carry up to 400 KV transmission, and upon contact can cause sever electrocution hazard to human beings. Such risks increase during festivities in different parts of the country esp. in September to November period where large idols are carried during Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga and Kali puja (religious events). Furthermore, during Diwali, and marriage seasons, fireworks pose a risk as well as the same are generally lit on roads near by electric poles and lines. In its quest to have zero electrical accidents, we seek novel solutions that can make the transmission lines harmless for people even during human-contact or proximity. Scope of the solution: The solution to the above problem should be in terms of Ideas that could enable harmless contact with transmission/distribution line by means of advanced material usage or intuitive distribution/transmission technology. Ideas that can help prevent accidents or injury to happen despite occasional unavoidable contact with transmission / distribution line. Innovative ways to ensure behavioural changes in society.

4) Challenge 4 : Live Shipment Tracker E-commerce is a marketplace where different sellers operating in the platform ship-out thousands of products purchased by customers to their location. Some of these products are high value items which are being shipped. These packaging are picked up by different logistic partners and delivered at customers doorstep. Once the package is picked up by the logistic partner, we have to rely on the information provided by the logistic partner on the location of the item. Sometimes these items are lost in transit, sometimes these are marked as return to origin without even attempting a delivery to customer. To solve some of these problems and to provide a superior customer experience, we are looking for a way to live-track these shipments with help of a very low-cost light weight tracker with real-time information which will be able to convey the position of the package that can be embedded on to the packaging.

5) Challenge 5: Develop innovative safety solutions for two wheelers using latest technology which can remove or minimise the risk and impact of accidents. This could either be innovations for the bike itself or for the rider (for instance stability of bike/developing wearables which enhances the rider safety). Tata invite teams to build prototypes/solutions in following areas of Road Safety for Two-wheelers: • Vehicle fitness • Integrated connectivity cluster • Bike safety telematics • Emergency brake assist (EBA) • Motorcycle stability control (MSC) The solution should fulfil the following requirements: • Low cost solution • Real time system • Automated system • Advance warning system

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Who can Apply?

  1. Students can form teams of 2 to 5 student members from the same or different institutions

  2. Working professionals can form teams of 2 to 5 working professionals from the same or different organisations to participate in this edition.

  • A team can submit only one solution per challenge. Solution once submitted cannot be changed.

  • An individual cannot be a member of more than one team.

  • Team composition cannot change once the solution has been submitted.

  • Teams have to select their city of participation basis the zone in which their institute/corporate falls under or the city nearest to their institute's location, for ease in travel and participation.


  1. Registrations open date - January 20, 2021

  2. Registrations close date - February 20, 2021

  3. Evaluations and Communication to shortlisted teams - End of Feb 2021

  4. Zonal Final Events Schedule:

  • North Zone - March 25, 2021

  • East Zone - March 26, 2021

  • West Zone - March 29, 2021

  • South Zone - March 30, 2021

5. National Finals -March 31, 2021


Prize money for each Zonal Final

  • There will be two winning teams from each zone, one campus team and one corporate team.

  • The most innovative prototype/solution from the campus teams and corporate teams, each winning team will be awarded cash prize up to Rs. 70,000.

Prize money for National Final

  • The 2 winning teams from each of the four zones will compete in the National Final.

  • There will be 1 winning team at the National Final which could be either a campus team or corporate team

  • The National Winning team will be awarded cash prize of up to Rs.1.5 lakhs.

.............INNOVATE TO WIN..............


For more details and registration visit the contest link below:

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Disclaimer: Projectcontest website was started to support students, industries and innovators to know various contest updates , we furnish the details in our website post which are taken from the contest link or details given by organizers which was given at the time of contest launch, if any changes made in contest such as reward, date of closing, rules and regulation is not responsible for the changes.

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