Tata Innoverse- Solar rooftop film layer to prevent water seepage and generate electricity

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Closing Date: 19-Feb-2019 Reward: 5,00,000 INR

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Tata innoverse was started by Tata industries, to provide open innovation platform to solve challenges for various problems. By this initiative the industry is targeting to solve many real world problems by reaching out to skilled solvers internationally and also to provide them a best platform to demonstrate their ideas, skills and creativity to develop unique and best solutions to solve real world industry challenges. The best problem solvers get rewarded, and also they become trusted technology partner with Tata industries.

Problem Outline:

For waterproofing, existing roofs (inclined and flat) are treated against infiltration with a bitumen felting layer once every five years. This is done by applying hot bitumen on the roof. For a roof, the tar felt costs about 290 rupees / m². The size range of the roofs is 75'x40 'feet. Tar felting is done for all roofs. This recurring maintenance activity engages the company, a huge expense each year. The main problem, however, with the felting of tar is the negative impact on the environment, does not last long and is ineffective.

They are exploring flexible solar panels as an alternative to roof waterproofing. Solar panels should protect roofs from water infiltration, in addition to their main purpose of energy production. The solar panel must be flexible and have an adhesive layer, so that it can be easily bonded to the tile above the roof in RCC, the basic material of existing roofs. Thus, solar panels reduce or eliminate dependence on the traditional method of felting tar on the roof.

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