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Planetarium Innovation Challenge by GOI

Registration Closing Date: 10/10/2021 (refer Contest Link) Reward: 10 Lakh INR

About the Contest :

India has made great strides in space research under the able leadership of Indian space scientists and today ISRO is considered the most capable and competitive space agency, compared to the best in the world. India's space missions have sparked increased interest among students and young people in space research and understanding to learn more about outer space.

Planetariums in subways and other large cities attract a large number of students and offer a first exhibition to learn more about Space. Efforts have been made to increase the availability of planetariums in small towns and even in rural areas. Around the world, efforts have been made to integrate augmented reality (A.R.), virtual reality (V.R.) and merged reality (M.R.) technologies into planetariums. Mobile planeta