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Coder Battle (Online Coding Contest) by PCI - Project Contest Innovations LLP

Last Date to apply: 12/03/2024 Reward: Cash Prize + Award E-Certificates


    PCI - CODER BATTLE is a online coding contest is designed and organized by Project Contest Innovations (PCI) LLP to kindle the students' interest in coding. During the event, students will be solving programs , attend MCQ on Technical Coding with various programing languages i.e., C/Java/Python through Online Tech Gig Platform.

Pre-Registration Round: 17/03/2024
Registration Link:


Pre-Registration Round: (No Registration Fee)

  • Assessment Type: Programming MCQ

  • Language:  C (10), Java (10) & Python (10)

  • Total No of Questions: 30

  • Time Duration: 30 minutes


Coder Battle Rounds:(Registration Fee Applicable)

Stage 1 : Beginner Level

  • Assessment Type: Programming MCQ

  • Language:  General (10), C (15), Java (15) & Python (15)

  • Total No of Questions: 50

  • Time Duration: 45 minutes


Stage 2 : Player Level

  • Assessment Type: Coding Round

  • Language:  C / Java/Python

  • Total No of Questions: 10

  • Time Duration: 120 minutes


Final Stage 3: Pro Level

  • Assessment Type: Coding Round

  • Language:  C / Java/Python

  • Total No of Questions: 5

  • Time Duration: 60 minutes

Coder Battle Event Date: 1st Week of April


  1. Students pursuing U.G./P.G. degree in India can apply.

  2. The coder can participate as Individuals or as Teams (Max 3)

  3. The assessment should be taken by the coders on a desktop or laptop that has a stable internet connection.

  4. All the assessment Rounds will be happening in techgig portal

  5. Individual and Teams who are Qualifying in Pre-Registration Round will receive the Coder Battle Day Full Details.

  6. E-Certificate and Cash Prize for the Winners will be given only to the Coder Battle Day Round Participants

(Note: Registration Fee and Finale Guidelines will be share via Email for Finale Participants)

REWARD: Winners will get Award E-Certificate in addition with Cash Prize and all the Coder Battle Day participants will get E-Certificate.
Registration Link:

For Doubt call or WhatsApp: 8220345819, 9500293472, 9514411140

Category of contest: Coding Contest

............Innovate to Win............


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Disclaimer: PCI - Project Contest Innovations LLP events are conducted in order to share the knowledge of the resource person to the Innovators, Students and Others. Certificates will be issued only based on satisfying the required parameters given at the time of event launch. PCI has all the rights to cancel the Event due to unavoidable situation without prior information, if money is paid alternate days will be informed on such circumstances or the money will be returned back. Lets Learn Together!!!

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