Electric Solar Vehicle Championship (ESVC) - Season 7

Reward: Cash Prize

Contest Outline:

The Electric Solar Vehicle Championship (ESVC) is the largest solar event in Asia, launched by the Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers (ISIE , An ISO 9001:2008 & associate member of FMSCI and SFI, winner of the National Youth Award by the Ministry of Youth recommended by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energies, Government of India) in 2013. The fundamental goal is to educate generations of engineers to renewable energy resources and to encourage them to develop this sector, while making it fun. They must build a solar-electric vehicle to compete with each other.

The construction of the vehicle per student / faculty / professional in accordance with the rules of the Adventure and Professional Class must comply with the strict specifications of the rule book. Participating teams design and manufacture ergonomic, stable, lightweight and solar powered vehicles. They are fun to drive at the same time.

Read the complete rule book for development of the solar vehicle, link is given below. (Note: This Contest has a registration fee)

Contest Rounds:


The first round is pre-virtual, mandatory for each team. During this round, a SDP will bring together industry experts associated with our cause to share their knowledge of vehicle design and dynamics, as well as how teams can build solar panels, power supplies , building management systems as well as various innovative and safety functions for the vehicle.


The second step is where teams start designing their vehicles based on the knowledge gained in the previous step. Before manufacturing, each team submits its design report, its calculations, idea that our technical experts verify and advise (in case of error, wrong approach or incomplete detail).


The third stage is the dynamic tour which is a different experience in itself. In this event, teams arrive with their vehicles ready to go through a series of tests and inspections. The final phase includes many dynamic and static phases to test the durability, speed, strength and knowledge of the team vehicle.

Rule Book Download Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScqOTIHx_xlaecBNIiNtNdd_DdpsfYqy6Mmzf8K1Zp9pZ5ZXA/viewform

Benefits of Participating in ESVC Challenge:








Who can Participate:

All institutions/ student / faculty / professional.


ESVC 20 has 22 Prize category and Team have opportunity to win upto 16,03,000/-

.............YOU CAN WIN............


For more details and application visit the link below:

Contest Link - https://www.worldsolarproject.com/

Category of contest: Hardware Racing Contest

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