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Electrical Vehicle Design and Fabrication - Industry Certification Course cum Internship by Caliber Embedded Technologies & PCI (Online)

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Last date to Enroll: 30th May 2024 Registration Fee: INR 900


Project Contest Innovations (PCI™) LLP., in association with various Industries across India has partnered to provide various trainings on the emerging areas to students, faculty, research scholars & start-ups for enhancing the skills that will be useful for Employability & Entrepreneurship. During the program Industry Experts who are working in the Live Projects will handle all the sessions. The program is designed as a task driven training to given the students an exposure as an internship, so far 5000+ students from 250+ institution got benefited through these kinds of programs from past 5 years. In this regard, now Project Contest Innovations LLP along with Caliber Embedded Technologies, Salem, Tamil Nadu has planned to provide a 30 days Industry Certification cum Internship program.


                    The course on electric vehicles (EVs) can provide individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the technology, design, and management of electric vehicles. some potential uses and applications of an electric vehicle course.

Engineering and Design:

  • Vehicle Design: Understanding the fundamentals of designing electric vehicles, including considerations for energy storage, power electronics, and electric drivetrain systems.

  • Battery Technology: Learning about different types of batteries used in electric vehicles, their characteristics, and advancements in battery technology.

Technology and Innovation:

  • Emerging Technologies: Staying abreast of the latest advancements in electric vehicle technology, such as developments in charging infrastructure, energy management, and autonomous driving.

  • Innovation in EV Components: Exploring innovations in key components like electric motors, power electronics, and control systems.

Infrastructure and Energy Management:

  • Charging Infrastructure: Studying the design, deployment, and management of electric vehicle charging stations.

  • Smart Grid Integration: Exploring the integration of electric vehicles with smart grids for efficient energy management and load balancing.

Regulatory and Policy Landscape:

  • Government Incentives: Understanding government policies and incentives related to electric vehicles to stay informed about the regulatory landscape.

  • Global Perspectives: Examining how different countries approach electric vehicle adoption and the impact of regional policies

Maintenance and Service:

  • Vehicle Maintenance: Learning about the unique maintenance requirements of electric vehicles, including battery health monitoring and diagnostics.

  • Repair and Service: Understanding the repair and service processes for electric vehicles.

Professional Development:

  • Career Opportunities: Exploring various career paths in the electric vehicle industry, including roles in research and development, manufacturing, policy advocacy, and more. Some well-known companies are Rivian, Tesla, Ford, General Motors, Nissan. 

  • Networking: Interns can meet and connect with potential employers and mentors.

i) Learning Outcome: After the completion of the course, the Interns will gain in-depth knowledge of electric vehicle components, systems, and design principles. They will also develop practical skills in areas such as battery engineering, electric motor control, and power electronics and well-positioned to secure employment in the industry.

ii) Pre-Requisite: Fundamentals of Electronics


 Caliber Embedded Technologies offers a holistic program by veterans with rich industry experience in VLSI design and verification, PCB design, Mat lab, VLSI and LAB VIEW with the core curriculum encompassing all the key skills recognized as significant for a design engineer today.

              Caliber guides student on the several different approaches used in the industry to crack design problems And our approach in learning-through-experience process of training which inculcate the habit of out-of-box thoughts and practical learning by using our proprietary course material and concept labs.

             At the end of the training, the engineer would have acquired the skills vital for making a spot in all the reputed core companies. The training will help one to understand the concepts and gain practice in problem solving and crack a job interview.


  • Internship Duration: 4 Weeks

  • Live session: Mon, Wed & Friday– 7.00pm to 8.30pm

  • Last Date to Enroll : 30 May 2024

  • Starting Date: 2nd Week of June 2024

  • Internship Mode: Online Training

  • Online Session via google meet

  • Recorded Videos will be provided for Limited time access

Learn from Quality Industry Experts - Online Mode

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  1. a) Introduction and types of Electrical Vehicle (EV) -Understand the different types of EVs, including battery electric vehicles (BEVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) b) Components of Electrical Vehicle -Explain the function of key EV components such as electric motors, batteries, power electronics, and controllers.

  2. Introduction of MATLAB-Simulink (Online tool)

  3. Introduction and Installation of Embedded C

  4. Fundamentals and Simulation of Controller Design- Modeling of EV Powertrain Components, Control System Analysis and Design Techniques, Stability, Efficiency, and Robustness of EV Control Systems

  5. Fundamentals and Simulation of Motor Drives (BLDC, PMSM) - Understand the concepts of electric motor torque, power, and efficiency, and how they relate to EV performance.

  6. Fundamentals of Battery Selection - Discuss the characteristics of different battery chemistries, their performance parameters, and charging methods.

  7. Programming and Simulation of Charging Station and Battery Management

  8. Selection and Designing of Sensors - Overview of EV systems and sensor requirements, classification of EV sensors based on measurement type and application, sensor selection criteria for EVs

  9. Specifications, Wiring and Commissioning of Electrical Vehicle

  10. Troubleshooting of E-Vehicle

  11. Online Project Demonstration using E- Vehicle Prototype model


  • EMBEDDED C, MATLAB Online Platform


1. A desktop or laptop computer is required. Windows 7 is recommended.

2. Stable internet connection

3. A microphone is strongly recommended for trainer-student communication.


  1. Only limited registration is allowed based on first cum first confirmation process.

  2. Separate Internship Certificate and Course Completion Certificate will be jointly issued by Enthu Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd & Project Contest Innovations LLP

  3. Payment to be done in Project Contest Innovations LLP Account & screen shot to be uploaded in the registration link

Note: Recorded Video will be given for limited access time if Live Session is missed


1) Active students will be given Best Intern Award-Decided by the Industrial trainer

2) Internship Certificate (4 Weeks) and Course Completion Certificate (30 hrs) are issued as per the norms specified in AICTE Internship Policy, NAAC & NBA Accreditation process

Source Code for the Projects discussed will be shared


  • All the Students/Individuals who are interested in EV design can apply

Registration Link:


1. Real-Time Case Studies & Application Project.

2. Interact with Industry training expert and work on real-life challenges

3. Complete Plan of the Live sessions and Class Link will be shared to registered participants through Program WhatsApp Group

4. Assignments after each topic of the training will be provided to the students for practice

5. All training materials developed remain the intellectual property of the training Industry. it has to be used only under their approval and/or supervision.


Online Only:     

1) Individual Registration: 900 INR     

2) Four member Team: 3,500 INR

PAYMENT MODE: UPI ID: projectcontest@icici

GPAY: 9500293472


Account Name: Project Contest Innovations LLP

Acc no: 768705000092

IFSC: ICIC0007687

Bank: ICICI Bank

Type: Current


  • Confirmation Letter

  • Internship Certificate on Successful Completion

  • Course Certificate

  • Best Intern Award Certificate for TOP Performers

For Doubt call or WhatsApp: 8220345819, 9500293472, 9514411140


............Lets Learn Together............


For registration click the form link below(Upload payment screenshot):

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Disclaimer: The Internship/Training is organized through Industry Training Partnership(ITP) program of Project contest Innovations LLP with the partnered Industry, Inorder to share the knowledge of the resource person/Industry to the Innovators, Students and public. Certificates will be issued to the participants only based on satisfying all the required parameters given at the time of Program launch. PCI and the Industry Partner has all the rights to cancel the Internship due to unavoidable situation without prior information, if money is paid alternate days will be informed on such circumstances or the money will be returned back. Participants once registered is not allowed to Cancel or transfer the registration and money will not be reimbursed. Lets Learn Together!!!

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