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E-Yantra Innovation Competition 2020-21

Closing Date: 01/10/2020 (refer Contest Link)- Paid Contest Reward: Upto 10 lakh INR & Internship @iitbombay

About E-Yantra :

E-Yantra is an initiative by IIT Bombay that aims to create the next generation of embedded systems engineers with a practical outlook to help provide practical solutions to some of the real world problems.

About E-Yantra Innovation Competition :

E-Yantra Innovation Challenge (formerly e-Yantra Ideas Competition) is a competition to solicit innovative projects from engineering / science / polytechnics colleges across the country. Aim of the initiative:

  • Theme-driven innovation challenge, to solve real-world problems in its locality

  • Domain specific training to instill reflection on real world issues

  • Encourage sustained use of lab space available in college / university

  • Provide a platform for teams to present their projects to a potential incubator

  • Encourage startup culture in colleges / universities

  • Create a sustainable ecosystem driven by students and faculty

Contest Theme:

This Year eYIC focus on Disaster management

Disasters are broadly classified into NATURAL DISASTERS and USUAL DISASTERS. The destruction caused by either leads to loss of life, property damage and a temporary shutdown of the economy. Many of us think that disasters are inevitable, and they are, but we can reduce the destruction they cause. Over the years, DM authorities have worked on hazard and risk assessments; awareness and education; mitigation; preparedness for emergency response, recovery and reconstruction; prediction and warning; strategies for learning from disasters; and international cooperation. These seven verticals give us a scaffolding to design technology that can help us mitigate the effects of death and destruction from disasters.

Join Telegram Group for discussion:

Who Can Apply:

  • Any student from an Engineering/ Science/ Polytechnic College can register for the competition.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Any number of students and faculties per college can register. Team formation is NOT mandatory at the time of registration.

  • It is mandatory to attend the Disaster Management short course and I&E course.

  • Certificate will be issued for both the courses on meeting the minimum certification requirements.

  • Students should form a team of 3-4 student members + 1 faculty member. Team members may belong to different disciplines and from any year but from the same college.

  • At the time of team formation, all the student members should have attended both the courses offered in the competition.

  • ONE student can be part of ONE team only.

  • The project must address a real-world problem and should give a solution for a chosen disaster in your locality. This is because we believe this way you will have a nuanced and first-hand understanding of the problems posed by the disaster. This is key to coming up with an original solution.

  • Any Intellectual Property that arises in the competition vests in the College/University, the Project Team and e-Yantra @IIT Bombay.

  • Teams are free to use any hardware/software (e-Yantra encourages the team to use open source tools).

  • Post-Techsprint, modification in team composition is strictly NOT allowed.

  • Note: All changes in team composition should be informed to e-Yantra Techsprint

Contest Registration Amount:

1) non-eLSI Colleges-1000 INR/member (inc. taxes)

2) eLSI Colleges-400 INR/member (inc. taxes)


  • Upto 10 lakh INR & the winners of this competition are eligible for a coveted summer internship at IITB through the e-Yantra Summer Internship Program (eYSIP).

............INNOVATE TO WIN............


For more details and registration click the contest link below:

Category of contest: IIT, Hardware, Software

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Disclaimer: was started to support students, industries and innovators to know various Innovation & contest related updates , we furnish the details in our website post which are taken from the contest link or details given by organizers which was given at the time of contest launch, if any changes made in contest such as reward, date of closing, rules and regulation is not responsible for the changes.

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