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Carbon Zero Challenge 2022 by IIT Madras I Startup Contest

Registration Ends: End of September (Refer Contest Website) Reward: Fund Upto 5 Lakh INR

Contest Background:

The greatest challenge facing humanity is to meet growing demands with limited resources and to be met within the limits of carbon and water footprint reduction. We have begun to realize that the conventional linear flow of resources is no longer sustainable and that more circular economy solutions are the need of the hour. To achieve Net Zero goals, we must have a holistic view. The current focus is on reducing the energy, carbon and water footprint of our production processes, transportation and during the active life of the product. But less attention is paid to end-of-life recovery and recycling to close the loop. This is primarily due to the high costs needed to justify recovery and low (if any) penalties for environmental damage. The benefits are immense in terms of ecological footprint and reduced burden on the planet if low cost/energy/carbon solutions are found to bridge this gap.