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Britannia Marie Gold - Startup Contest

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Closing: 15-JAN-2019 Reward: 10,00,000 INR Grand Support

Organizer Details:

Britannia Marie Gold is emblematic of the Marie category in India for several decades. With a significant share of 58%, selling 57 sachets of 57 lakh per day, it is the third brand on the biscuit market. From the beginning, Marie Gold has appreciated the Indian housewife. She has been his silent companion for years, watching her throughout the day, offering a moment of lightness and relaxation amidst her painful tasks during her cellar - her rest time. Perhaps she found a resonance with her own life in Mary's flat and unpretentious nature and was she happy to stay away from work, to work in silence, often underestimated, so that her home would work without smoothly.

Contest Outline:

Britannia Marie Gold which has launched my startup contest, believe that the housewife of today is at a stage in her life where she has established herself as a wife, mother and daughter-in-law and is ready to become one. Ready to be just a housewife at the manufacturer of many things. Today, she seizes opportunities, whether in terms of monetizing a vocation or managing her household, all with the same grace, the same plumb and the same panache. Taking more is second nature to her. She never pauses. She never gives up. She is always on, 100% total. She is nothing less than an athlete.

At Marie Gold, They have always sought to be the fuel that propels this athlete.

They are now taking a step forward and funding her dreams and aspirations!

With Britannia MarieGold-MystartupContest, 10 BMG consumers will have the opportunity to launch their dream project with a sum of 10 Rs each.

Parts of the contest:

Part 1:

You have to answer 3 basic questions when you plan to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure. You can save your answers and finish them as you wish.

The following are examples of answers to the questions:

a) Which company do you want to create?

b) Why do you want to start this business?

c) How will the cash price of 10 Rs lakhs help you start your business?

Part 2:

If they like what you have written, they will ask you to travel and they would like to meet you in person to hear you!

Details for Applying Online:


  • Every Indian woman, working/non-working/Student of 18 years or older can participate with her idea.

For more details visit the link below:

Contest link:

Category of contest: Startup contest

Disclaimer: As our blog was started to support students and innovators to know all latest contest, we furnish the details in our blog post which are taken from the contest link or from advertisements in newspaper which was given at the time of contest launch, if any changes made in contest such as reward or date of closing is now responsible for the changes.

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